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D G’s Tire and Auto Service in Aberdeen, North Carolina

Tire Shop and Auto Repair

Since 1993, D G’s Tire and Auto Service has provided the areas of Aberdeen, North Carolina with quality auto repair services. In addition to being a full-service engine repair shop, our location serves as a tire shop too! With many car systems being complex, we stress that our customers keep their vehicles maintained at our auto service center. Our car repair maintains a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty including parts and labor. For a price estimate on auto repair, call us at (910) 249-4391 today!

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Brake Repair

Brake Service

If you find yourself having trouble coming to a complete stop, or if you absolutely cannot stop properly in the rain, it’s time to have brake maintenance completed. Our comprehensive brake repair service includes pad and shoe replacement to ensure maximum safety. If your brakes are beyond repair, we offer low-cost full brake replacement.

Transmission Repair Service

Transmission Service

If you are hearing a knocking, clunking, whirring, or whining noise from under your hood, it is more than likely your transmission. We complete transmission repair on automatic and manual vehicles, including clutch repair and replacement. If you are in need of a full transmission replacement, our team can help get you the most affordable price possible.

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Exhaust Services

Exhaust Service

If you notice a decrease in your MPG or a rattling noise, you might be due for muffler repair or replacement. If left unrepaired it can be annoying, illegal, and even dangerous as it is a very important part of your exhaust system. We offer affordable options to get you in compliance with regular exhaust recommendations.

Shocks and Struts Repair

Shocks and Struts

Vibration or a banging, clunking noise while your car is travelling is a tell-tale sign that your shocks and struts are starting to wear out, usually due to lack of lubrication. They may well need to be replaced, along with other components in the driveshaft system, such as the coil springs. We recommend that motorists have the struts and shocks checked and replaced every 100,000 miles. The job could take up to three hours so call us on (910) 249-4391 for an appointment.

Alignment Repair


If your car is “pulling” to your right or left while driving on a straight flat road with little wind, then it is most likely you need a good trusted mechanic to provide wheel alignment adjustment. Alignment – otherwise known as breaking or tracking – is necessary to keep your vehicle driving straight and to avoid wear and tear on your cars. If you need an alignment adjustment then bring your car into us.


Factory Maintenance

Factory Maintenance

As part of our factory maintenance plan, we carry out all periodic flushes and tune ups that are required on your vehicle. We recommend that the work should be done every 30,000 miles and every dealer has different specifications on what needs to be done as part of the maintenance scheme. We do oil changes as well as checking and replacing the fuel filters. We also check fluids, belts and hoses and replace them if necessary.

Oil Changing

Oil Changes

An oil change for your vehicle is recommended every 3,000 miles for petroleum oil and every 6,000 miles for synthetics. When you make an appointment with us at D G’s Tire and Auto Service we will change the filters at the same time for an extra charge. We also carry out an inspection checkup with the oil change.

4x4 Services

4x4 Service

Our technicians here at D G’s Tire and Auto Service have years of experience working on standard 4x4 vehicles and we offer a full service and repair package. We also work on all wheel drive (AWD) vehicles and, as established auto professionals, we understand the special characteristics of these cars and the maintenance programs they require.

Suspension Repair


Drivers throughout the US want a smooth, comfortable ride in their vehicles – and it is the suspension and steering that ensures they get that. A feeling of the car bouncing, noise when driving over bumps, uneven tire wear, and wandering wheels are all symptoms of a suspension problem and you should bring your vehicle into D G’s Tire and Auto Service immediately.

Differential Services

Differential Service

All the work we do on your vehicle’s differential comes with an 18-month unlimited mileage warranty. We undertake transmission service and repair, fluid and filter changes, and replacement of transmissions. Belts and hoses are recommended at 75,000 and 100,000 miles during scheduled maintenance. If you have a drivability problem, or hear a squeaking sound from the engine, you should take the car into us.

Power Steering Services

Power Steering Service

The power steering system on your car is what enables you to turn the steering wheel relatively easily – if it becomes difficult to turn then you have a power steering problem. In that situation you should let the experts at D G’s Tire and Auto Service take a look. If necessary we will replace the power steering pump, flush the fluid, and make whatever repairs are needed. We recommend maintenance every 75,000 to 100,000 miles.

Engine Repairs

Engine Repair

Like good old-fashioned mechanics, we are not afraid to get inside your engine to make sure everything is in perfect working order. We check on all repairs that are needing done, both major and minor, from oil leaks and seals to items such as gaskets that need to be replaced. A replacement transmission system is one example of a major repair we can carry out at the shop.

Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Service

When driving in North Carolina it is essential you have a fully operating air conditioning system in your vehicle. Here at D G’s Tire and Auto Service we have a long history of maintaining and repairing ac systems on a range of vehicles. We can do every type of repair as well as add the cooling agent Freon. As soon as cool air stops flowing from the system then you know immediately there is a problem.

Tune Ups

Tune Ups

Since 1993 we have been doing regular tune-ups on vehicles for customers and have gained a reputation for our thorough and comprehensive service. A tune-up at D G’s Tire and Auto Service involves all scheduled maintenance and we can include the replacement of the timing belt, checking the brakes, and flushing all the essential vehicle systems. 

Check Engine Lights

Check Engine Light

When a check engine light comes on it is imperative to let a professional take a look at what might be causing it. Here at D G’s Tire and Auto Service we have a computerized diagnosis machine that can tell us exactly what the problem is within a matter of seconds. Every vehicle built from 1993 onwards has a special port that the computer hooks into. And with our expertise we can also diagnose the older cars.

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