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Transmission Repair

Professional Transmission Services in Aberdeen, North Carolina

At D G’s Tire and Auto Service we have been serving Moore County, North Carolina, since 1993 and we pride ourselves on being able to turn our hand to any vehicle maintenance or repair project that comes our way. We have a team of expert mechanics and technicians with an unsurpassed knowledge of automobiles.

Your vehicle’s transmission system is one of the most crucial parts of the car. It is a complex piece of machinery that needs proper maintenance, diagnosis and repair and we have become acknowledged experts in the field over a period of time.

Whether your transmission system is automatic or manual makes no difference – we are happy to work on either. The only thing we don’t do in-house is rebuild transmission systems but we have an agreement with someone who does that on our behalf. Every other aspect of the work is done at our shop in Aberdeen, North Carolina.

If your transmission system is not retaining fluid, it is most likely you need a reseal service. This involves the removal and disassembly of the system, and the replacement of all seals and other components in order to sort the fluid retention problem. Once the transmission is reinstalled, fluid is refilled to the full level.

During all scheduled maintenance our mechanics will pick up any difficulties with the transmission system. We will change fluids and filters, carry out a transmission flush, and we recommend that the belts and hoses are changed at 75,000 and 100,000 miles.

If your vehicle has a drivability problem and you hear a squeaking noise then it is a sure sign of a transmission problem. Don’t let the situation drag on, bring your car into us straight away and let us get it fixed.

We deal with all makes and models of vehicle, both foreign and domestic, so for all transmission repairs and maintenance, contact D G’s Tire and Auto Service at (910) 249-4391.

Transmission Services

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